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are you looking to IGNITE your creative fire?

to get in touch with your PERSONAL voice magic?

to heal through songwriting and feel inspired again?

we're here to make your dreams come true!



MELD Creative Studios Mission is to help everyone find their authentic musical voice! Melanie Dewey of MELD worked hard to find her own unique musical voice through years of writing, mindful self-evaluation, absorbing knowledge from her incredible teachers... and NOW it is her passion to help aspiring musicians find their unique contribution within today's daunting, and dense musical landscape. Using multi-genre training in voice, and songwriting, students will study classical techniques, pop, jazz, rock n' roll, country, and more, in order to receive a well-rounded education. Coupled with artist consulting and tips for succeeding in today's modern music industry, students with a drive to succeed in the industry will thrive at MCS. However, this does not come at the cost of joy and healing - as it is Melanie's primary goal to make sure each student's unique needs are considered, and the joy and healing nature of music are never sacrificed! A holistic music studio as well as an educational one, Melanie leads guided meditations, facilitates and teaches sound healing, and works with the removal of throat chakra blockages if needed or requested by the student. By exploring their passions, and learning the fundamentals of music and music business, students find what makes THEM tick, and discover their own unique musical sound and contribution. Because... There's a unique sound in EVERY single soul! MELD Creative Studios aims to nurture YOUR sound and grow it far and wide.  



Beginner to advanced voice lessons, in all genres. Learn breathing techniques, vocal control, harmonies, and prepare for auditions, while simultaneously clearing throat chakra blockages and learning how the voice is connected to the body through embodiment and guided meditations.


Beginner to advanced songwriting lessons in ALL genres, including lyrical and melodic development, music theory help and chart writing. Songwriting is therapy, and it's my job to help you learn how to harness your emotions into powerful pieces of music with the power to change the world!



Separate appointments or included in lessons at NO additional cost! We'll talk branding, image, and help you find your unique artist message! 


Melanie Dewey has been singing since she could talk, and playing piano and writing music since she was 10 years old. Since then Melanie has starred in musical theater productions, sang in chamber choirs, and played in rock bands throughout high school and college, to now fronting her nationally acclaimed touring project, MELD. MELD has played in over 30 cities, and toured the country playing several festivals such as Bonnaroo (campground stage,) Music on the Mothership, and Sonic Bloom, and the band has shared stages with Maggie Rose, Teddy Geiger, Joe Hertler & The Rainbow Seekers, The Main Squeeze, Them Vibes, Sicard Hollow, Kyle Tuttle, Ayla Nereo, Brothers Past, and more. She has been featured in NPR, Nylon Mag, Live for Live Music, Forbes, and more for her original music.

So how did she go from singing in chamber concerts to getting praise from outlets like NPR!?


Melanie accredits much of her successes to her education. Truly, she has learned from the best of the best - studying classical voice in Italy with members from the Metropolitan Opera, jazz and pop voice from University of Miami's renowned faculty, and Nashville's Maureen Murphy. In her younger years, she won several awards for her singing and songwriting, including the Bruce Hornsby scholarship for songwriting her senior year at UM, and placing first in several national operatic competitions in high school. It is because of this well-rounded and eclectic education that showed results from early on, that Melanie derived her philosophy - that each and every musician has their own unique journey. Rather than sticking to ONE path (classical only, jazz only, etc...) Melanie hopes to give her students a wide array of knowledge backed by the science of the vocal chords, to help her students find THEIR unique voice. 

Melanie has been teaching for 8 years, and has taught private students of ALL ages including group lessons at Syracuse Rock Camp for students aged 8-17. She has been employed at Guitar Center for two years now, and has taught online lessons for the past year of the pandemic. She LOVES teaching and giving back a little bit of what she's learned, to help her students grow their craft and passion. Melanie can't wait to learn about your passions, what makes you tick, and help you along your musical journey!

PRICING & payment

KEEP IN MIND: Lessons are typically sold in "subscriptions!" This makes it an easy one-time payment per-month, for a months worth of lessons! Purchasing in "bulk" also allows me to keep my prices cheaper for you!

Are you incredibly passionate about music-making becoming a weekly ritual for yourself? Perhaps you have a little less time to spare each week, however, and you are looking for a lower time commitment. This package will give you consistency, at a lower price point. We may cover a little less ground each week, but I assure you that creative flame will be fanned and grown! Purchase of this subscription gives you FOUR 30-minute lessons for $140.00 total. (This is $35/lesson.) At the end of every four weeks, you will be given the choice to renew for the following month.



Do you wish to sprinkle the joy of music throughout your life? Perhaps music-making isn't your top priority in life, but you know it's important and you want to start dipping your toes into the waters of creative abundance. Purchase of this subscription gives you TWO 1-hour lessons per month for $130.00 total. (This is $65/lesson.) At the end of every four weeks, you will be given the choice to renew for the following month.



Are you ready to DIVE in? To be devoted to your craft and your growth, and see results quickly? If you are ready to invest in yourself, a purchase of this subscription gives you FOUR1-hour lessons for $240.00 total. (This is $60/lesson.) At the end of every four weeks, you will be given the choice to renew for the following month.





I see you, muse! You are READY to light the fire within and burn away old parts of yourself with pencil, paper, and your shining voice. You no longer want to hide in the shadows, and want to call creative abundance into your life once and for all. $333.00 kickstarts you on your path, and gives you 6 1-hour lessons in one month, plus one half an hour relaxation technique class for free. These intensives are for any students gearing up for big recording projects, auditions, or projects. This is aimed to help you get 1-on-1 personalized training at a high volume, and give you some relaxation techniques to calm those nerves! On your big day - I've got your back!



Purchase these if you just want one lesson to brush up on something! 

$30 FOR 1/2 HOUR, AND $55 FOR 1 HOUR!

If this is your first time with MELD Creative Studios, and you just want to try it out and see if it's for you - the lessons rate is much cheaper! 


Use this link to MELD Creative Studios Calendly page to book any of the above offerings!

This is the process you'll follow:

1.) Choose your desired package on my calendly booking page, and click to book using the "SUBSCRIPTION" option for your desired time. 

2.) Fill out the details on that booking page. Once you choose the date and time for your first lesson that month, you'll pay your subscription for the full month with a credit card. 

3.) Once you have paid for the full month and booked your first session, you will be redirected to book the rest of your appointments at a different link entitled "ALREADY PAID."


4.) If you would rather pay via Venmo, or PayPal - you can do so. My venmo is @meldmusic, and my PayPal email is To schedule your first lesson after you have paid using these alternate methods - use the link for your desired amount of lesson time that states "ALREADY PAID" at the end. You can schedule all four lessons of the month using this link.

5.) Show up at your desired lesson time, and let the magic begin! :) 


"Melanie is an extremey talented musician, and a fantastic teacher. Lessons with her are highly productive, yet feel relaxed, as if you were just spending time with a friend. She is able to gauge your skill level and knowledge of music theory to find the starting point, direction, and velocity for your progress. 10/10 would recommend, 5 stars!"

-Colin Glasco, Intermediate piano student, Age 28

Playing Piano

"You are my favorite piano teacher!"

-Scout, Beginner Piano Student, Age 5

"Melanie is a recording artist and songwriter who has dedicated her life to voice. She's knowledgeable on its structure and is an effective and understanding teacher who is able to cater to your specific level in vocal training. No matter if you're new to vocal training or are looking to improve on what you already know, Melanie is capable of providing you the tools to grow your vocal proficiency.

-David Garcia, Attendee of 3+ Online masterclasses in Voice and Songwriting held by Melanie , Age 28

In the Spotlight

"I just cannot say enough about Ms. Melanie and the work she has done to help my daughter come out of her shell. My daughter has been taking music lessons for two years and gets extremely nervous in front of crowds. Ms. Melanie is very patient and always finds a way to get her through her performances. The confidence has allowed my daughter to open her range of music she is willing to try and perform. Thank you is not enough."

- Dawn Whittaker, Mother of Hunner Whittaker, 1-year Voice Student

Woman Singing for Performance

"Singing is something I'm constantly working on, and Melanie's vocal masterclass introduced me to awesome techniques for continual learners. Seeing how to work on vocal strength and whole body technique has really opened up my voice!"

-Ericka Longo, Participant of Vocal masterclass, Age 24



If you are a new student, you may sign up for any of the subscription based plans, or the new client lesson. If you sign up for the subscription -based plan right off the bat - and decide halfway through the subscription that you don't wish to continue, you will not be refunded. I am more than happy to help you use the rest of your alloted time slots however, to work with you on anything else that I may be of service to you with. I can help with branding, marketing advice, cd release advice, touring advice and booking, anything music business related, and can also offer simple sound healing meditations, or goal mapping. I want you to get the most of your money! 

If you are unsure you want to commit to a full month, it is recommended that you sign up for the new client lesson, or the bi-monthly lessons at first.  If you wish to remain week to week rather than purchase a subscription, you can purchase a "solo" lesson each week. This is more expensive, however, and not recommended. 

$140 FOR 2 HOURS
$75 FOR 1 HOUR



TARDINESS: If you are late to a lesson, and I have a client or a prior engagement scheduled right after you - I will not be able to extend the lesson into the next time slot to make up for your tardiness. If there is nobody after you, I may opt to stay on for an additional 5-10 minutes max. As the instructor, I reserve the right to make this decision. 

RESCHEDULING: If you notify your instructor within 24 hours of your lesson that you need to reschedule, we can try and find another time within your pre-paid four week subscription block to reschedule you for. (ALL STUDENTS WILL RESCHEDULE THEMSELVES USING CALENDLY!) You can either find an open slot on Calendly, or e-mail me at, and we can find something and I will manually add it to Calendly.

CANCELLATIONS: IF YOU DO NOT NOTIFY ME WITHIN 24 HOURS, the lesson will be seen as a cancellation/no show, and a $15 and $25 cancellation fee will apply for half hour and hour long lessons, respectively. Tuition will not be prorated for cancellations, or no shows. You will not get this lesson time back, unless force majeure applies. (See below.) No cancellation fee will be incurred if you are a subscription holding student. In this scenario, your pre-paid lessons payment covers this cost. 

Last minute attempts to reschedule will also be seen as a cancellation. The only time there will be NO fee or cancellation implied is in cases in which something out of your control happens (force majeure.) Examples of force majeure are: sudden sickness, natural disasters, death of a loved one, car accidents, and personal trauma/mental health breakdowns. I always try and give space for life to happen, and will always try to help you work something out in these scenarios. In any of these extreme scenarios, I will work with you to reschedule your lesson with no penalty.

For subscription holders:

I will accept payment in the following forms at the beginning of each month:

1.) Credit card payment via Calendly during sign up.

2.) Venmo (@meldmusic)

3.) PayPal (

3.) Cash or Check delivered to me by mail, or in person - once in-person lessons are safe again.


Eventually, I will keep a credit card on file and ask your permission to run it each month, which will make this process easier.

Each payment must be made ​by the 5th of each month. On months where there are 5 weeks, you will pay separately for the fifth lesson, or your four week subscription will start again then. You can decide which you would prefer. 





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