MELD is an artist on a mission to inspire radical love.


Melanie Dewey (songwriter/front woman) created MELD after coming out of a particularly dark period of her life. It was during this time of spiritual healing in which she learned that practicing self love, and spending time with the universe within - is the ultimate catalyst to loving and understanding the external universe.  In her words, "The more we can love and accept the unique, diverse, eclectic parts of ourselves  - the more we can love and accept all the various moving parts that make this world beautiful."

A single moment of love can create a ripple - that - even if unseen by the masses, is felt as a flicker of goodness in the hearts of everyone it passes through. MELD is Melanie's way of collaborating with others that align with her message to create these moments in both a recorded, and live setting.

The music of MELD fuses unique sounds, rhythms, musical textures, genres and lyrics together to re-create the sounds of Mother Earth and tell stories of her healing, colorful landscapes. Within this unique sound - MELD celebrates collaboration , radical inclusion, diversity, and oneness.