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MELD's "Ultimate Merch Bundle" comes with ALL of the posters in MELD's collection, a "Words of the Water T-Shirt, A physical copy of "Words of the Water," and a moon magnet. If you wish to swap out this T-Shirt for a "Eyes Like A Cat" shirt - you are welcome to. 

MELD's Ultimate Merch Mundle

  • Returns can be done for up to 30 days. I will not accept returns for anything damaged once it reached your hands, but will accept returns for anything damaged prior. 

  • The "Words of the Water" shirts can be dry cleaned, and cleaned in a standard washer and drier. I would not recommend putting the design portion of these shirts under a hot iron, since GENUINE ink is used in printing the designs on these shirts. If you want to be extra careful, only let air dry!

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